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As a part of our ongoing faith formation as a community, the Parish is offering a 4-week course entitled "Wholeness and Holiness: Reconciliation in the Church and in the World."

The course has been produced by the Montreal Diocesan Theological College and will be offered in the church hall at Holy Trinity, Pembroke through live video over four evenings, beginning January 28th at 7pm.

From the course description: In the church and in society, the theme of reconciliation is often invoked: in conversations about settler and indigenous relations in Canada, about race relations in the United States, about politics, about the mission of Christians, and so much more. This non-credit online course explores the meaning and practice of reconciliation in the church and world in the 21st century. Students will learn about different understandings of reconciliation, unique Christian perspectives on the topic, and how the idea can be used to shape Christian ministry and mission both locally and globally.

Professor Jesse Zink, Principal of Montreal Diocesan Theological College will be leading the course.

Registration is free.

For more information please contact Rev. Matthew Brown.