Welcome to the Parish of the Valley!

We are Anglican Christians worshipping in the valleys of the Ottawa, Bonnechere, and Madawaska Rivers. We gather on Sundays in congregations big and small, spread across this beautiful region of North Eastern Ontario. We are made up of twelve congregations and fifteen buildings, but we are so much more than bricks and mortar (or wood or stone.) Our roots go down deep into the soil of these valleys. Many of our congregations have been worshipping together with the people of the towns and villages we serve for well over a century! We love to worship God in this holy place that we often call "God's country." We laugh and celebrate, share joys and sorrows, sing songs and break bread together, and share in the fellowship of Christ.

Join us and find a church in the Parish of the Valley near you! Our congregations worship on Sundays at times from 8am to 7pm, and we will welcome you with warmth whether this is your first time or one thousandth time in church. Please see our service times page for more information, or to find the church near you.