Prayer is the foundation upon which we build our communities and upon which we share in Christian life together. 

Each week in our churches we hold up other parts of our church - Internationally, Nationally, and Regionally - as well as pray for the life of our cities and communities, our government, and those amongst us who are sick and have asked for our prayers.

Here are some of the prayer cycles we pray through each week:


Prayer Chain

We have a team of people across the parish who are dedicated to upholding prayer requests in intercessory prayer. When you would like to be held up in prayer, please call us. We are committed to offering you and your needs to God through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Members of the prayer chain are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and are committed to maintaining your confidentiality and privacy. If you wish to have this prayer, please call Wendy at 343-369-0676. May you know the blessings of God. 


Prayer Shawl Knitting & Crocheting

Our Knit and Pray prayer shawl knitting and crochetting group currently knit and crochet shawls independantly. Once completed, the prayer shawls are blessed and then distributed by our clergy and pastoral care teams to those for whom we pray the shawls will be a tangible sign of the love of God and the prayers of God's people during times of crisis, suffering, loss, or joy.

New knitters and crocheters of any skill level are always welcome to join. For more information, please contact Rev. Gillian.

For those who wish to join, our opening prayer as well as knitting and crocheting patterns are available to download below.