Pentecost is a wonderful day in the Christian calendar. On Pentecost we celebrate the moment when the followers of Jesus experienced the presence of God around them and within them in such a powerful and new way that they used images of fire and wind to describe what happened to them.

Pentecost was the day that the Church was born, because after Jesus’ friends were filled with the Holy Spirit, they became brave and bold messengers of God’s love. When they told the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, many people wanted to be baptized. This is why we call Pentecost the Church’s birthday. It’s our birthday too! On this day we remind ourselves that God’s Spirit is just as powerful and active in the world today as it was during Jesus' time.

What does the Church mean to you?

We invite you to download and print the image of the dove posted below, and take a few moments to write down your answer to this question. You can write a few words, many words, or even draw a picture. Have fun decorating your dove -- colour it, paint it, bedazzle it! Then take a picture of yourself holding your Pentecost Dove and email it to Rev. Matthew. Please send all pictures no later than Tuesday, May 26th, so that we can assemble them into a collage to help us celebrate Pentecost.

Have fun, stay well, and know that the Sunday School teachers at Holy Trinity Pembroke are holding all of the children, youth and families of the Parish of the Valley in our prayers.