Exodus 3: 1-5; Psalm 105: 1-5, 23-26, 45; Romans 12: 9-21; Matthew 16: 21-28
A Service of Morning Prayer, Sunday August 30, 2020

We invite you to join us once again for our weekly service of Morning Prayer. This week Rev. Matthew will offer words of welcome and will be our preacher. Rev. Rick will be our officiant, gospeller and intercessor. Readings will be offered by Sandra Sharp of Ascension Killaloe and Jennie Mick of St. Stephen's Micksburg. The opening bell will be rung by Rev. Gillian Hoyer and Lily Brown at St. Clement's Chapel in Clontarf, and our closing hymn will be "Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels" (Common Praise #494) performed by Betty Studd at St. John's Eganville.