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Walking outside is cold and the footing is uncertain. Prayer is something that can be done in many ways. How can we put these two things together? Prayerfully Walking!

We invite you to join this weekly active prayer and learning group meeting at Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hall in Pembroke from 9:00 to 9:45 on Wednesday mornings. Under the guidance of Licensed Lay Readers Lorna Sibley and Jen Cross the group will start each Wednesday morning at 9am with a few minutes of silent walking followed by a 10 minute devotional (while still walking!) There will be time to share prayer concerns, if anyone would like to share, and we'll spend some time just walking and being together.

If you feel inclined, all are invited to stay for Holy Trinity's midweek Eucharist service at 10:00 upstairs, but if you'd rather not, that is entirely ok too. All are welcome!