Some of you may know that our new bishop, the Rt. Rev. Shane Parker, loves wood-working. In fact, he made his own crozier (the bishop's ceremonial staff) from an ironwood staff he cut in 1978, cherry wood from a tree a beaver cut down, and couplings from an old umbrella stand! Our thanks to the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Ottawa for these lovely "before and after" photos. We look forward to learning more about the crozier when our bishop joins us for Valley Zoom Coffee Hour.

Following his consecration, Bishop Shane stood in the forecourt of Christ Church Cathedral in a moment of silent prayer, and then offered the following blessing for the City of Ottawa. The tradition of a new bishop blessing their “See City” is an ancient apostolic custom: 

A Blessing for the City of Ottawa 
The blessing of God who creates life,
be upon this city as we celebrate life.
The blessing of God who restores life,
be upon this city as we rebuild our lives.
The blessing of God who sanctifies life,
be upon this city as we bring life,
hope, healing and justice to others.
Et que la paix de Dieu,
qui surpasse toute intelligence,
descende sur la ville d'Ottawa
et demeure toujours avec nous.


Please continue to pray for Bishop Shane, and for his family, as he begins his episcopal ministry on behalf of our beloved diocesan church.